Why you should use recruitment agencies

By Andy Taylor

In the world of recruitment, the occurring question of why you should use recruitment agencies seems to constantly pop up. Recruitment agencies hold a tremendous amount of benefits for both job searching and hiring for your business. Recruitment is a time consuming, costly process, so why wouldn’t you choose a recruitment agency to do it for you? After all, they’re specialists in the recruitment field.


So, here are the benefits:


Why use a recruitment agency to find work?


1.     They’re free to job seekers. Need we say more?

2.     Some jobs will only be advertised via certain recruitment agencies.

3.     Recruiters often specialise in a certain field. You’ll therefore get more from a recruiter who specialises in YOUR industry/field.

4.     You will get full support from recruitment agencies as they communicate with both employers and job seekers.

5.     A recruitment agency will help you right from the beginning of managing your ‘workload’ of job hunting right through to helping you succeed at the interview. They’ll help with your interview skills, tidying up your CV and make focussing on your career goals a priority.

6.     FEEDBACK! This is something that is so important to job seekers, especially when your job application has been declined. All you desire is some constructive feedback to help you with your next application and it’s very rare that an employer will have the time to provide you with this (even though they should). A recruitment agency, however, will help you to get bigger and better by providing constructive criticism and feedback.


Sold? You’re in luck.

The Recruitment Crowd is a multi-vertical recruitment agency in Leeds who specialise in a range of disciplines. We provide both perm and temp recruitment and our consultants are experts in matching you to your dream job.


Why use a recruitment agency to find employees?


1.     A wider candidate reach. Consultants in recruitment agencies have access to a wider pool of talent and are able to filter through them to find your perfect hire/s.

2.     Recruiting is a time-consuming process and using an agency will reduce the time of hire. It may also lead to a quicker turnaround when filling vacancies, which in turn leads to increased efficiency within your business.

3.     Seasonal demand. During certain periods of time such as Christmas, using an agency will take the stress away from companies who need access to temp recruitment and temporary candidates.

4.     Access to National Job Boards. Recruitment agencies have direct access to national job boards which is a desirable feature due to the costly and time consuming job of negotiating your own job board contracts.

5.     Salary Benchmarking. If you’ve got a role and you’re unsure what the correct salary is for the position, the recruitment agency is ideally placed to give you an accurate market rate using salary data and local market knowledge.

6.     Location specific. Consultants know certain people in certain areas, meaning if you’re hiring for a role in a certain area, such as Leeds, your agency will have access to a talent pool in that area.


Deciding between in-house recruitment or using a recruitment agency might’ve seemed like a tough decision before but we hope that the above has cleared up any queries you may have had. If that’s the case, our specialist consultants in Leeds are here for all of your recruitment needs.


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