Why you should use a Recruitment Agency over your HR Department

By Andy Taylor

Recruitment Agency or HR Department? There has always been a lengthy discussion surrounding which avenue is more cost-effective and a lot of companies have concluded to cut costs when recruiting for their business, using an internal HR department over a recruitment agency will save money, but is this the case?

Here at The Recruitment Crowd, we think otherwise (with facts and figures to prove it). Carry on reading to find out…


Firstly, Glassdoor has averaged HR Managers in the UK to be on a median salary of £46,312 per annum. Calculated into an hourly rate of £23.75 per hour.When considering the average recruitment process is 27 days (inclusive of advertising the role, CV screening, shortlisting calls, and actual interviews), the entire interview process could cost up to £3,562 for a 4-week recruitment process or £5,343.75 for a 6-week recruitment process.This cost will be coming directly from the HR department when let’s face it, there is a lot more they could be doing for the business.When adding in the additional average of £500 for advertising on job boards and social media pages, the total will equal anything between £4,062 and £5,843.75 per annum.However, you could avoid this costly and timely process with your HR department by leaving your staffing needs to The Recruitment Crowd. Our fees are generally anything between £1,800 and £3,500 and you could have your process complete within 14 - 21 days.Intrigued to find out for yourself? Get in touch with Jamie Cowman on 0113 457 3760 // jamie.cowman@therecruitmentcrowd.com