Why use a recruitment agency to find a job?

By Andy Taylor

As a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, you may have found yourself spending a lot of your time on the internet job searching. Or maybe you just fancy a new start or career change? Whatever the reason may be, looking for a job is a time-consuming experience and that’s where recruitment agencies come into play to make life easier for you.

Carry on reading to find out our top five reasons as to why you should use recruitment agencies to find a job.


1.     Recruiters save you time.

As mentioned above, job searching can be a tedious and slow process. However, when working with a recruiter, you’re not totally alone in your job search meaning you can split the workload. Recruiters spend eight hours a day (at least) sourcing candidates for their clients. They know what jobs are out there and they also know that you are out there.


2.     Recruiters help you through the process.


A good recruiter will always put in the effort to source the best candidate for their clients. Most recruitment agencies will help you with preparing for the job placement process, from applying to accepting an offer. You can also rely on your agency to assist you with things such as improving and updating your CV as well as coaching you on interviewing techniques and providing you with feedback.  


3.     You have access to more job opportunities.


When spending hours on job sites, it’s important to remember that some companies strictly rely on third party sourcing agencies to find candidates for their vacancies. With this in mind, recruiters are able to give you exclusive access to jobs that are confidentially advertised or not yet posted on the internet.  


4.     Gain valuable feedback.

As mentioned above, recruiters will be able to provide you with feedback prior to and after your interview in order to increase your chances of being matched with an ideal position.


5.     Networking on a larger scale.


Recruiters spend a lot of their time building large networks. They will therefore have clients all over the country, meaning if you’re relocating, say from Leeds to London, your recruitment agency will be able to bring potential jobs to you from places other than where they are based or where you currently live. Here at The Recruitment Crowd, we’re based in Leeds, however we recruit all across the UK!


As a job seeker, it’s important to avail every opportunity in order to connect with the right job for you. By working alongside a leading recruitment agency like The Recruitment Crowd in Leeds, you can speed up the job seeking process and increase your chances of being matched with a perfectly fitting position.


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