Why do businesses use recruitment agencies?

By Anush Pervez

As a Recruitment Agency based in Leeds, we wanted to share with you exactly why businesses should use recruitment agencies when hiring. 

Why do businesses use recruitment agencies?


Above all, if you’re looking to save time, using a skilled and well acclaimed recruitment agency will take care of that for you. Recruitment agencies have proven to be a cost-effective method, giving you and your company access to candidates that aren’t advertising themselves. By using recruitment agencies, you may often find that you’re able to source exceptional candidates who weren’t necessarily looking for a new job but are open to move if their ideal role is placed right in front of them.


How do agencies normally advertise roles?


Word of mouth (W.O.M) is a tool that should never been overlooked. WOM can either make or break your business, so it’s important to build yourself up as a credible and reliable recruitment agency. At The Recruitment Crowd Leeds, we aim to utilise numerous forms of advertising including our own website, our social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and job boards. As well as this, we’ve also launched our very own recruitment app which can give you on the go access to all of our live jobs.  


How can clients identify which recruitment agency is best for them?


Irrelevant of what you’re spending money on, when you spend, you want the best you can get. The same goes for when your searching for a recruitment agency. There are many ways that you can identify reputable and reliable recruitment agencies and you should start with their reviews. Customer testimonials are a great way to find out the type of experiences that current or previous clients have had with the agency. You will have access to these on both Google or Trustpilot as the main review platforms.



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