Which extra-curricular activities should you to add to your CV

By Anush Pervez

Are you wondering which extra skills and hobbies are relevant enough to put on your CV?


Extracurricular activities not only show off your individuality and personality, they also prove to the recruiters of your recruitment agencies that you possess a wide range of skills that you can bring to their vacancy and client roles.


Not sure how to fit extracurricular activities into your CV? Carry on reading to find out which ones are best to incorporate into your CV.




Being part of a sport team is a great way to showcase key skills such as teamwork and loyalty. Whether you’re playing for a school football club or you joined the University rugby team, there are various sports you could use to enhance your CV.


If you decide to do so, make sure you make the link of how it is relevant to the role that you are applying for. For example, you could mention how your competitive nature helps you to thrive in sales.


Music, Drama & Theatre


If you come from a theatrical background, the recruiters of your recruitment agencies will be able to see that you have the required confidence for certain roles and jobs. For example, leadership, sales or customer service roles.


Mentioned that you’re involved in any of the Music, Drama or Theatre industries will showcase confidence, good self-presentation skills, attention to detail and creativity.


Having the ability to speak another language(s)


Although the majority of schools will teach a second language up to GCSE level or equivalent, having the ability to fluently speak another language is something that can put you ahead of other candidates. It’s a given that you must speak another language for say, a translation job, however the dedication and enthusiasm involved in learning a second language will really stand out to recruiters. Certain skills it can demonstrate are lateral thinking, dedication, willingness to learn, problem solving and patience.


Volunteering and Fundraising


If you’ve ever been involved in volunteering or fundraising, you should definitely mention this on your CV. Recruiters love to see how you involve yourself in the community and your willingness to help others.


As well as this, if the event you took part in was particularly challenging, you’ll be displaying an entire host of other skills including bravery and strength.


Although you may not realise, adding extracurricular achievements and activities to your CV could be the first step to take you towards your dream job. When it comes to writing your CV, make sure brainstorm and make a list of all the non-work/education related things you’ve achieved, no matter how big or small, and see how you can work them into your CV whilst staying relevant to the types of roles you’re applying for.


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