COVID 19: The current recruitment crisis in the Hospitality industry.

By Anush Pervez

COVID-19: The current recruitment crisis in the Hospitality industry.

With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, customers are eager to dine in pubs, restaurants and bars and are anticipating getting back to some form of normality.


Although those in the Hospitality industry are elated with the amount of customers they are currently hosting, venues are finding it difficult to hire front-of-house staff and chefs as they experience a shortage of around 188,000 workers, according to research by UK Hospitality.


Hospitality business owners and customers across major cities of the UK including Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle are desperate to dine but the reality is that there just isn't enough people to serve them with roles proving demanding to fill.


There is speculation around pushing back the easing of lockdown restrictions due to the current recruitment crisis within the Hospitality industry. However, the Chief Executive of UK Hospitality is urging the Government to stick to the reopening dates and lift all COVID restrictions by 21st June as a means of restoring faith in the industry.


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