Skills that you’ve probably perfected during COVID-19

By Anush Pervez

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has caused a substantial amount of change within the working world. Businesses, such as recruitment agencies, have been compelled to adapt to remote working and coupled with this, professionals have had to swiftly evolve their skillsets.

There is no doubt that the circumstances have proved to be very challenging, however, it is important to assess how this period has positively impacted you and your ability to develop skills in different areas that you previously may not have been so strong with.


In this sense, we can see how working under the circumstances that COVID-19 has brought on, has allowed us to adapt and align our skills to work within the ever-changing working world.


Below we have listed certain skills that you may have developed in response to COVID-19 that you will actually benefit from and when job searching directly or through recruitment agencies, will work in your favour.


1.     Effective remote communication.


It won’t come as a surprise that you will have enhanced your skills in effectively communicating while operating remotely. After the infinite amount of zoom calls and Microsoft team meetings, not only will you have effectively managed the technicalities of every changing technology, but you will also have learned how to adequately build virtual rapport as well as actively listening and engaging with an audience.


2.     Resilience & Patience


At some points, every career will have a certain amount of adversity, increased stressed and uncertainty. However, the current global pandemic that we are facing will have doubled the amount of adversity, stress and uncertainty which will amount to increased workloads, strained resources, and hasty changes within teams. Despite this being a challenging time, professionals will have developed and worked on being both resilient and patient while working alongside their colleagues under these circumstances.


3.     Time management, discipline & accountability


When working from home was first introduced, it seemed like a dream come true to a lot of professionals. However, after just under a month of working from home without face-to-face interaction from colleagues and managers, it seemed to gradually become more and more difficult. In a remote set up, creating and managing your own effective routine, juggling various, often conflicting priorities, having to keep yourself motivated and productive are of fundamental importance. Time management, discipline and accountability skills will have become undeniably strengthened.


4.     Continuous learning


This is one of the most important skills that you will have picked up during the global pandemic. The importance of upskilling and adopting a continuous learning approach to develop new skills has proven to be most effective. We are all now operating in a fast-paced environment and skills sets quickly need to evolve to remain competitive.


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