Sectors set to boom post-lockdown

By Anush Pervez

As a result of COVID-19, nearly all aspects of life have changed dramatically, including the world of work.


With some sectors declining, others seem to be thriving, causing a surge in jobs in such sectors.




IT & Digital Technology


Throughout lockdown, it was made apparent to a lot of us that we are in fact not as digital savvy as we once thought we were. With restrictions on going outdoors, we have had to resort to using technology and online platforms. It therefore may not come as a surprise that those highly skilled in IT and digital technology are in high demand.


From software engineers to cyber security analysts, the sector is expanding and cyber security must be tightened.

As well as this, with the rise in employees working from home, IT support technicians will be required by a large amount of companies to assist employees facing IT difficulties.


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Warehouse Pickers / Delivery Drivers


Online shopping has been on the rise for some time now. However, since the beginning of lockdown, online shopping figures rose considerably as a result of the closure of shops and shopping centres.

Online giant Amazon saw their profits double and hit their highest level on record over the duration of lockdown. To maintain this, they have created around 15,000 new full and part-time warehouse and delivery driver jobs across the UK in goods fulfilment centres, where orders are processed, and in its logistics network.

Simultaneously, delivery company Hermes is creating 10,500 jobs
 as it looks to hire 1,500 full-time staff across its delivery network and head office and 9,000 freelance couriers.


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Supermarkets/Grocery Retail


As a result of the closure of pubs and restaurants, cooking for ourselves and eating at home has been a must and the rise in the need of groceries has caused for a surge in such jobs. Between them, supermarkets have taken on more than 50,000 workers during the coronavirus outbreak, and while many have been temporary posts, full-time jobs have been created too.


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Lorry Drivers


Large Goods Vehicles (LGV) drivers are in demand right now. To keep up with current booming trends such as retail and grocery online shopping. Lorry and delivery driving is certainly a job that you can explore if you hold the correct requirements, including having a valid driving licence.


Whatever is required, large goods are being transported by delivery vehicles and the need for drivers is increasing.

According to the REC, those who can build vehicles and repair them are also being sought by employers.


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As well as a rise in demand for domestic cleaners, businesses are also hiring again. With many people returning back to the office, it is more important than ever to keep sanitation levels high and ensure that the workplace is a safe place to be.


Recent vacancies have shown that supermarkets such as Aldi, Lidl and Iceland are hiring for cleaners and local holiday destinations such a cottages and lodges must keep their cleanliness standards high in accordance with COVID-19 legislations.

According to trade body the British Cleaning Council there has been an increase in demand for cleaners in all sectors of the economy, but particularly in the healthcare and hospital sector as the public wants to see visible signs of cleaning.


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