Our top tips on how to stay healthy whilst working from home.

By Anush Pervez

As the UK faces another National Lockdown in the COVID-19 battle, many of us will be continuing our work from home journey.

For many of us, leaving the house to go to work was a small step towards normality since the pandemic began in March. However, now that restrictions are at their toughest point, it is now more important than ever to keep yourself healthy.

As one of the leading recruitment agencies based in Leeds, we have put together some effective tips on how to keep healthy whilst working from home.


1.     Have a scheduled plan for your day


It’s always important to have a certain structure in place to plan your day. Despite the lack of a commute and a set lunch hour, a work from home day should follow a similar pattern, giving you enough time to attend meetings/calls, have a couple of breaks to refresh yourself and accomplish the most important things on your to-do list. For certain companies, such as recruitment agencies, you may find that even when in the office, you may work more than your stated hours, but when working from home, you should aim to limit this.


2.     Schedule a workout or some exercise


Exercising could involve following a 15-minute YouTube video or going for a half hour walk on your lunch break. Regular exercise will always offer additional mental and physical health benefits which are essential when working from home.


3.     Take a break when eating


It’s so easy to eat your lunch whilst you continue to work, however ensuring to you take a break away from your desk for breakfast, lunch and dinner will actually aid your productivity.


4.     Stay hydrated

To avoid unnecessary fatigue and headaches, it’s important to drink plenty of water and clear fluids, including herbal teas and fruit juices.


5.     Create a reasonable shutdown method


When working from home, you can get so caught up with what you’re doing without the worry of the rush hour traffic on your commute back home that you end up working well into your evening. It’s so important to keep in mind that you’re working from home and not living at work. As such, you should develop a shutdown routine similar to the one you’d have in the office to ensure you aren’t working into your well-deserved free time.


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