In what way will COVID-19 reshape the future of recruitment and recruitment agencies?

By Anush Pervez

The future of recruitment has been changed in ways we could’ve never imagined as a result of the impact of Coronavirus. The new norm of social distancing has compelled companies to replace face-to-face interviews with video.

So, what are the leading ways in which these changes have impacted recruitment? And how should business leaders plan for this new employment outlook?


Video interviews are only the beginning of the digitisation world


As a result of social distancing and refraining from being in close proximity to others outside of your household, more and more interviews are being held through virtual conferencing services such as Zoom and Google Meetings. While this is not a brand new concept, it does mean that hiring managers must become accustom to the necessary technologies in order to get on board with the current interviewing process.


This could involve undergoing a couple of ‘mock’ interviews in order to familiarise yourself with using specific settings and controls. There are also external factors you must consider, such as having a clutter and noise free background to conduct your interview to ensure that your candidate will remain focussed.


Virtual onboarding is a necessity at these times


An effective onboarding process for new hires generally improves employee engagement and productivity, speeding up the learning process and boosting staff retention.


With this in mind, a remote onboarding process should still include things such as introducing the new employee to their colleagues, scheduling in time to go through their role and duties and having regular catch ups with the new employee as an opportunity to ask questions and share their progress. 


Temporary and contract staff will become more essential


Temporary recruitment has proven to be popular throughout the pandemic, allowing businesses to staff up and down quickly and cost-effectively. In the near future, we can expect to see more employers being in favour of temporary hires. It has also become apparent that temporary work is in high demand at the moment in order to meet certain needs which have been created as a result of the pandemic.


Working with a flexible workforce comes with various benefits including increasing the size and diversity of the talent pool available. In doing so, it’s also important to bare in mind that temporary employees could eventually become a permanent employee.


The recruitment process may be slowed down


Given the increase in candidate volume, companies will be given a wider choice when it comes to hiring for their perfect candidate. This is great; however, it will also slow down the recruitment process due to reviewing a higher volume of candidates. In order to gain top talent quickly, it’s imperative for companies to offer competitive pay and incentives.


There is no doubt that recruitment in general is a time-consuming task, never mind adding the additional pressures brought on by the current pandemic. However, our multi vertical recruitment team here at The Recruitment Crowd love what we do and are here for all of your business’ temp and perm recruitment needs!


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