Important steps to take to look after your health this Winter

By Anush Pervez

In the current self-isolating and socially distant times that we’re living in, it’s possible for anxiety and stress to have an even greater negative impact on our mental and physical health this Winter.


In only a few weeks, it will have been a whole year since we first entered a national lockdown and with shorter days and cold, dark nights, it’s extremely important for us to exercise good practice and if you’re a manager, support your team to do so too.


As one of the leading recruitment agencies in Leeds, we’ve listed a few things that you can do;


1.     Wake up earlier than required.

There is no question about the fact that Winter is well and truly here, and it will be a long wait before Spring arrives to bring us warmer weather and brighter mornings. Waking up early will allow you to make the most of the sunlight whilst you can. Starting your day with some exercise and fresh air will also help productivity levels throughout the day.


2.     Seek out an alternative to your daily commute.


The commute to and from work was often sufficient enough to give us time to both plan for our day ahead and reflect on the day that we’ve had. It also gave us a definite separation between home and work. Why not try a simple walk around the block before and after work to give you the same effect as your daily commute? Although it won’t be the same as driving into, say, Leeds city centre, it will still allow you some time away from both work and home.


3.     Eat well.


Ensuring you maintain a balanced diet full of fresh foods, vitamins and water is now more important than ever. This will ensure that your energy levels, focus and general well-being is maintained which is exactly what you need to help you through this Winter.


4.     Stay in touch.

Whilst we can’t physically see our colleagues, friends and loved ones, it’s important to continue communicating with them either through messaging or video calling. Working from home can be difficult for some so as a Manager, it’s important to schedule weekly calls with your team, whether it be work-related or just a casual chat. Recruitment agencies in particular often boast a bustling and lively environment to work in, so regular communication will help to bring that environment to your home office.


As one of the well-known recruitment agencies in Leeds, The Recruitment Crowd is always on the lookout for top talent. If you’ve found that you’re job searching this Winter please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.