How to tailor your CV to stand out to recruitment agencies during COVID-19

By Anush Pervez

There’s no doubt that the job market has become increasingly competitive over the past 8 months. If you’ve found yourself in a position of looking for work, you may be concerned about the amount of people in your situation who are also applying for the same roles as you.


With this in mind, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. So how can you do this?


Step one – Work on your CV presentation


When submitting a job application, you will be one of many who applied for that role. It is therefore so important for you to catch your prospective employers’ attention and at this point in the application process, the main way to do so is through your CV. The layout should be clear, concise, and display all of the relevant skills and experience that you possess for the role that you are applying for. The best way to do this is to have the job description at hand. Within this, the company will have set out everything they are looking for and it’s now up to you to get across that you’re the perfect candidate for the role.


Step two – Aim to stick to the most relevant roles


If you’re currently out of work, it may be tempting to apply for as many roles as possible. However, doing so may cause more damage than do good. Recruitment Agencies are able to see all of the roles that you have applied for and if there are big differences between the roles, it will show that you aren’t particularly interested in a certain role but more so in finding work. Although this may be true, it’s best not to show this to prospective employers. Rather than applying for fifty jobs that you may not hear back from, try spending time searching for a few roles that actually match your skills and experience. Relevant roles also include relevant location. There is no point in applying for a role based in London when you live in say, Leeds and are not looking to relocate.


Step three – show that you’ve kept yourself busy


Unemployment has been on the rise since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and whilst it is important to maintain your mental health above anything else, it’s important for you to do things that demonstrate to your future employer that you haven’t just waited for an opportunity to fall into your lap.


There are so many things you could do to show this. Some of which include, helping a local/family business in your field of work, completing online courses or carrying out freelance work. Doing any of the above will demonstrate to your future employer that you have a strong work ethic and will put you in a better position.


Job searching can be a daunting experience, so if you need any expertise advice from recruitment agencies, please do not hesitate to get in touch with The Recruitment Crowd Leeds. You can also view all of our live roles on our website and recruitment app. We’re based in Leeds, but recruit for jobs all over the UK.