5 transferable skills you’ll benefit from when you’re job searching post COVID-19

By Anush Pervez

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the working world in ways we never imagined and has impacted certain industries more so than others. As a recruitment agency, we witnessed warehousing and industrial industries thriving, whereas the hospitality and retail industries are some of which have been hit the hardest.


Employees that have been impacted the hardest by the pandemic are now looking to adapt their skillset and explore new avenues. Now, more than ever before, is the best time to switch your career path and by learning certain transferable skills, you will give yourself a better chance of success in various roles.


More than a third of the UK are actively looking for work, all with different motivations including seeking a higher salary and concerns about their job security. There has been a rise in the use of recruitment agencies as a means of finding work.


1.     Adaptability


The possibility of change and adaptability is common in the workplace, but even more so during a pandemic which we saw with the ‘new normal’ of working from home, enabling businesses to keep afloat.


As a result, employees have had to adjust their working style, the responsibilities they manage and up skill with digital technology. The importance of such skills will only hastily increase and new ways of working that we aren’t yet used to will soon become the new norm, even post pandemic.  


Post COVID-19, employers and recruitment agencies will be looking for staff that can adapt in line with whatever change is thrown at them, which will involve honing the ability to new and abrupt deadlines, and continuously growing our skillset depending on the business’ needs. 


2.     Digital Skills


The importance of possessing digital skills has been on the rise for the past few years now, however the pandemic has heightened the need to have them.


Professional abilities in anything from coding and web development to digital marketing and artificial intelligence are of utmost importance at the moment, no matter where your original expertise lies.


In fact, without tech savvy employees and eagerness to learn, businesses would not have the capacity to survive what has been a difficult time.


This makes candidates who possess such skills and are willing to expand them a top pick for employer’s post COVID-19. Let’s face it, all companies have a digital element to them, and we can only expect this to grow. You can access exclusive digital role with digital recruitment agencies or multi-vertical agencies such as The Recruitment Crowd.


            3. Emotional Intelligence


Emotional Intelligence is closely linked to communication and is all about having awareness of other’s emotions. The ability to demonstrate empathy and understanding of how others are feeling is a quality that will never be overlooked by employers, especially during times of uncertainty.


With the new way of working, the ability to demonstrate emotional intelligence through less personal means (such as virtual meetings and emails) is imperative.


4.     Leadership


Good leadership skills shouldn’t just be held by managers. In fact, possessing good leadership skills allows us to develop into more senior and managerial positions.


Again, with the possibility of fewer face to face interactions in the workplace, employees will have more self-determination and responsibility now than ever before.


The ability to boost morale, encourage collaboration and communicate in an effective manner are all key skills that build the foundation of effective leadership.


5.     Creativity and Innovation


Of course, digital technology may seem to have taken over the working world, but that is not to say that human creativity is obsolete. Thinking outside the box is the one thing that differentiates humans from machines and that exactly what companies need to keep business as normal during an economic turndown similar to that of a pandemic.


Just as companies have adapted during the pandemic, human ingenuity will be continuously sought after by employers – whether it’s to create new products or decipher how to offer services virtually, human knowledge and creativity will always be looked at for the rest of them.


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