5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Marketing

By Anush Pervez

Over the past few years, marketing careers have surged in popularity and is now one of the fastest-growing careers amongst others. Read on to find out the benefits of pursuing a career in Marketing…

1.     Variety.


The term ‘every day is different’ is remarkably relatable to Marketing jobs. Whether you’re starting off as a Marketing Assistant or working your way up to a Marketing Director position, you will always be faced with new and different challenges.


There are also copious amounts of variety within the field. You could specialise solely in Social Media, PR, Copywriting, Influencer Marketing or SEO Marketing to name a few. Or your role could involve dipping into a variety of specialisms. Whichever you go for, no day will be the same.


2.     Long-Term Opportunities


In comparison to short-term, mundane jobs, a Marketing job will always have something to offer and long-term job opportunities will always be apparent within the field. If you have the ability to adapt in relation to current needs and trends, then you will always have an important role to fulfil.


Marketing is vital to all businesses and industries, which means you could have the potential to work within any type of company! How exciting!


3.     Connecting and Communicating


One of the main functions of a marketing role is to get consumers to pick your brand over a competitor and to do this effectively, it’s important for a Marketeer to understand their target audience. Most marketing jobs involve dealing with new people often, whether that be customers, clients, stakeholders or external agencies, so it’s a great job to have for a people-person.


4.     Exciting and Dynamic


With any Marketing job, you will find yourself thinking outside of the box every day and whilst it’s extremely important to be reactive, you must have the ability to be proactive to succeed in a marketing job. From creating new marketing strategies, creating social media and email campaigns to generating new ideas to stay ahead of the competition, you’ll find that there is never ‘nothing to do.’


5.     High salary prospects


There is no denying that salaries are a key factor in choosing a job.

The boom that the Marketing industry has seen over recent years and the demand for Marketing professionals means that salary expectations are lucrative with the average Marketing Manager earning a median of £42,000 p/a in the UK and Marketing Directors can be earning into six figures.


If you’re looking for the motivation and determination to succeed in a Marketing career, there you go!


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