How to get work experience

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How do I get work experience?

"I need experience to get a job…I need a job to get experience"

Many of us have heard this phrase or been the one saying it.

Truth is, getting some work experience as soon as you can, as young as you can, will help when you’re older and applying for full-time roles, but don’t worry, there are a few ways of doing that.


Whether it’s a working gap year between college and university or summer holiday work, it’ll mean you have something to put on your CV. There are plenty of part-time, student opportunities available along with jobs abroad that don’t need any experience, so do your research and start applying for some part-time work, while you’re still young.


Another option, of course, one we will promote, shameless plug, recruitment companies that offer jobs that require no experience. Not all recruitment companies offer this, but being a company that does, we can definitely recommend registering and accepting part-time job opportunities. They aren’t going to be your dream jobs, but they will be a stepping stone towards that dream job.


This option is growing in popularity; volunteering. A great way to get experience, often accepting of a group of friends who want to do it together, and options to do this abroad too. Volunteering is also viewed as a selfless act, working to help others, without the need for remuneration, so if it’s something you’re passionate about, do your research and find NGOs/NPOs that need your help and get signed up.


Another few ideas; freelance, family/friends, internships/apprenticeships. These are all great options to get that work experience, whether it’s freelance blog writing or photo editing online, working for a family-owned company over the holidays or applying for internships/apprenticeships. All of these options will make your CVs look more professional and increase your CV success rate when you’re looking to apply for jobs that require work experience.


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