10 Benefits of Reading

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Why should you trade your phone for a book?

It doesn’t matter where you are; sitting on a train/bus, waiting at a station, sitting at a restaurant, walking down the street, all you’ll see is peoples’ faces buried into their phone screens.

Social media and mobile games are a great way to pass time and cure boredom, but what if we traded our phones for a book, what’s the worst that can happen;

We spend that hour on a train getting invested in a story rather than comparing our lives to others, turn pages rather than double tapping on pictures and expand our vocabulary rather than feeling like we are losing brain cells the further we scroll down our newsfeed.

Now don’t get us wrong, we support social media, our company is possible because of the fact that people search for work online, however having a break from our devices is something we all need in our day to day lives.


If you’re not convinced, we’ve got 10 benefits of reading, just for you!

  1. Increase mental stimulation

For years, people have been researching the effects of reading on the brain, and these studies have shown that reading provides mental stimulation, which is imperative for a strong and healthy mind.


  1. Lower stress levels

A good book has the power to melt away the world around you, worries and stresses included. In a time where everyone is competing and comparing themselves to others, a book is an amazing way to escape reality and reduces the stresses that surround us.


  1. Grow your knowledge

It’s true what they say, no one can take your knowledge away. The more you read, the more you invest in yourself, there is no downside to gaining more knowledge.


  1. Expand your vocabulary

Majority of our communication is on our phones or laptops which makes it easy for us to become lazy with the vocabulary we use day-to-day. Reading is a great way to expand our vocabulary and you’ll be surprised by how handy that can be.


  1. Improve short-term memory

You know that moment when you stand up from your desk, walk into another room and then completely forget what you wanted to do?

Without getting too technical, reading requires you to memorise characters and storylines, and these new memories create new synapses assisting in better short-term memory. You’re basically going to brain camp every time you open a book.



  1. Increase problem-solving skills

If you’ve ever read a good murder mystery, you’ll ‘double-tap’ this fact. Reading a book that requires you to think beyond the pages or solve a problem is known to improve your problem-solving abilities, and this is a skill that we all require because we are faced with problems and challenges daily.


  1. Increase your ability to focus

Every day we’re pulled in a million directions and find ourselves multi-tasking throughout the day, never paying attention to one single thing at a time. Instead, we focus on at least 5 things or more in the space of 10 minutes. When you’re reading your undivided attention is on that book allowing you to focus on one thing resulting in feeling more focused when you put your book down.


  1. Improve your written skills

This point goes back to expanding your vocabulary, the more we read the better our ability to use words and create fluidity between them when writing.


  1. Find your ‘Zen’

It’s often difficult to find a quiet place to settle down with a book, but if you can, you’ll find the usual fast pace life that surrounds you has decreased in pace and you have a sense of tranquillity. If you can’t find a quiet place to read, then choose your reading material wisely, many people say that reading motivational books and self-help books can create that same sense of inner tranquillity and improve your mood drastically.


  1. Cheap/Free entertainment

Majority of people buy books or kindles so they may argue that reading isn’t free, however we are quick to forget that libraries still exist, instead of spending a Sunday afternoon watching YouTube or scrolling on Instagram, why not find out where a local library or coffee shop with read-in books is, and spend some time without your phone.



We challenge you, spend a minimum of 10 minutes reading a day, for 1 week, and see how you feel!



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Enjoy the rest of your week!