Get to Know our Construction Sector

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What is our Construction sector all about?


The construction and trade industry is made up of two sectors, namely, the non-residential sector; institutional, heavy industrial, engineering and commercial, and the residential sector.

Both sectors and subgroups have a wide variety of job roles varying from hydro-electrics to bridge construction.

Jobs within construction involve working on construction sites playing different roles in construction projects. These roles can include working with scaffolding, handling heavy equipment, and the loading and offloading of building materials from construction vehicles.

Careers in the construction and trade industry have a lot to offer for those who are willing and able to put in the hard work. 

Other jobs covered in our construction and trade sector include, but aren't limited to; plumbers, painters & decorators, site joiners, electricians, CSCS labourers, warehouse operators, CNC millers, technicians and many more.


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