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What does your social media say about you?

Studies have shown that the majority of employers use social media to find out more about job applicants. For some this may be bad news but don’t worry, we’re here to help you!


Don’t erase it all

Some people hear this and start deleting everything on their profile which is the last thing you should do.

Many employers have admitted that they won’t hire someone if they don’t have an online presence or if there's evidence that they’ve removed all recent activity online.


Be yourself

The first thing applicants think is that employers are looking for a reason NOT to hire you, but in fact, they are usually looking for reasons TO hire you.

You don’t need a perfectly polished presence online, employers want to see your interests, hobbies, that you are socialising because that gives them insight into your personality, a side that your CV often doesn’t show.


What to avoid

Although the point above mentions being yourself, there are, of course, actions to avoid; bad grammar/spelling, inappropriate language and discrimination currently at the top of the list.


Stay up to date

Keeping your educational records and job experience up to date, across all your social media platforms, is very important when employers are cross-referencing your CV.

Again, it might not be that they are looking for a reason not to hire you, rather that they want to ensure that all the information on your CV is recent and up to date.


We hope that these simple tips can help you!


Happy Monday,



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