Interview Tips

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Today our Tuesday Tips are all about your interview day!



Research the company

Get to know the company before your interview, search them on Google and social media platforms, this will give you a confidence boost when you walk in and have a feeling of familiarity.

They may also ask questions specific to the company/ industry, therefore, it’ll score you extra points if you can show off your newfound knowledge when answering those questions.

Know why you want the job

If you aren’t sure why you want the job, how are you going to convince someone that you want it?

Write a list of reasons you want the job, then before you go to the interview read through them. You’ll be more determined to get the job when you know why you truly want it.


Research ‘typical’ interview questions

There are always standard questions interviewers ask, so research a few, think of how you would answer them, that way you won’t be caught off guard and you’ll answer the questions more naturally.

Prepare questions for the interviewer

Interviews aren’t one way, it’s also your chance to ask questions about the company that will help you decide if it’s the job you expected and ideally want. You need to get to know what the company is about; salary, holidays, sick leave, pension, probation period, bonus structure, social clubs; these are all important aspects of a company that will tell you if it’s the job for you.

Be confident and don’t hide your personality

Don’t over think the questions or your answers.

Yes, it feels like a test, but if you overthink the questions or your answers, will it truly be your answer or just what you think they want to hear?

Answer honestly and keep your answers on a positive note, don’t doubt your answers.

“Tell me about yourself”

Make the most of this question, this is your chance to SHINE!

Don’t give a short, dull response, allow them to get to know your interests, hobbies, passions, what motivates you.

Body language

Be confident from the moment you walk through the door, greet your interviewer/s professionally, sit up straight, make eye contact and speak clearly.


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