Common candidate mistakes

Kate Shorthouse

Are you looking for a job? Here are some common mistakes to avoid.

  1. Always check your CV for spelling mistakes (simple I know). Try not to use slang words such as ‘etc’ or ‘coz’. Just remember you are selling yourself.
  2. Keep your CV tidy and keep it short and to the point. Also make sure it is easy to read, simple black text all in the same font.
  3. It is not uncommon for people to have funny emails such as ‘ilikesexygirls@gmail.com’ but just remember that your potential employer will read this. Is that how you want to come across?
  4. Always write a short cover letter with your CV, introducing yourself a little and explain your key selling points. Highlight your best features and be confident.
  5. Express your enthusiasm for the job. Make sure you don’t come across as a monotone person. Smile even if you are nervous to show that you believe in yourself.
  6. This is a simple tip to remember but it is very common to forget. Always turn your phone off!! There is nothing professional about your phone ringing in the interview